Tutorial for Sellers

Escrow Instructions. 

Please review your escrow instructions. If you have any questions, please contact your Escrow Officer immediately.

Confidential Statement of Information. 

If requested, the title company requires this form to ensure the successful transfer of title. If any item on this document does not pertain to your situation, please enter ‘N/A’.

Seller Information Sheet.  

Supplying this information allows the appropriate documents to be ordered to payoff your mortgage loan, line of credit or equity line. It also facilitates the transfer of any Homeowners Association memberships to the Buyer. If the loan you are paying off is an FHA loan, please consult with your Escrow Officer, as additional interest may be required.

Other Requested Documents. 

The Escrow Closer may also ask that you furnish personal documents including Homeowners Association, trust or partnership agreements, in order to meet the requirements of the transaction.