Residential Resale

Definition:  Buying or selling a previously owned home.

Escrow’s role in the sale or purchase of a “Residential Resale” is to ensure all parties involved in the transaction meet the following steps.

1.  Both the Buyer and Seller complete all documents instructions necessary to complete the transaction.

2.  Buyer deposits all funds necessary to meet the sales price plus closing cots.

3.  The new lender deposits loan proceeds.  (If new financing is a part of the transaction.)

Once all conditions of the Purchase and Sales Agreement and the new Lender have been met, the Deed is recorded which transfers the ownership interest to the Buyer and proceeds are paid to the Seller.

Keystone Escrow will treat your closing with personal attention and witht he highest level of Customer Service, your Escrow Officer must meet every deadline and understand each factor of your transaction.  WE possess the education and experience to overcome both the anticipated and unforseen challenges of a residential resale closing.